Alan Giana Puzzles

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Awaken 3




(featuring "Memories 2")


By the Falls 2


Oceanside View
(featuring "Gazebo by the Sea")


New Friends


Mountain Hideaway


Lakeside Retreat
(featuring "Welcome to the Lake")


Dream Landscape


Time To Relax


Autumn Sail
(featuring "Autumn Light")


Heaven on Earth


Lobster Bay
(featuring "Lobster Cove")


Colors of the Season


Picnic Paradise
(featuring "Country Breeze")


Willow Whispers
(featuring "A Day In The Park II")
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12 Puzzle Collection


Secret Garden


Somewhere in a Field 3


Autumn Oasis

Monarch Orchard
(featuring "Apple Harvest")


Daydream 2


Morning Song
(featuring "Morning Song 2")


Guiding Lights


Endless Dream
(featuring "Endless Dream 2")


Spring Light


Rolling Pastures
(featuring "Pastures of Chance 4")


Glorious Garden
(featuring "Garden Walk")


Harvest Festival


Over the Bridge
(featuring "By the Bridge")


Coastal Getaway
(featuring "Beach Days")


(featuring "Lakeside Retreat")


Make A Wish
(featuring "Make A Wish II")


Garden Bench - Shaped Puzzle


Soon The Light


Sunlit Shores

Rooftop Garden
(featuring "Skyline II")


Six Puzzle Set
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